Lostcraft: Waking

Day 1,

I awoke in an empty field. The wind was blowing through a grove of oak trees and the air was chill. Though the trees and grass were green, the sky blue, it felt as if autumn was creeping close.

My clothes hung tattered on my body: ripped breeches, cracked leather boots, and a muddy cloak. Worse, my pack was empty, my stomach beginning to rumble. I found no roads and no signs of any civilization. I was utterly lost and alone.

For a time while the sun rose, I roamed the barren fields. I didn’t know then what awaited me at night.

My memories were few and scattered. How had I gotten here? Where exactly was here? It felt as if some slow, plodding lullaby was echoing in my brain – the lullaby of the universe – and I was still trying to wake from a dream. Even now, my thoughts are scattered.

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