Lostcraft: Morning

Day 2: Morning

That night, my first night in this lost land, I dreamt. I didn’t even realize I had fallen asleep. I was leaning low against the cold rock of the alcove wall, clutching my cudgel to my body.

Then, as if teleported, I was wandering a city. There were market stalls, books, robe-clad crowds, chattering birds, and floating lamp-posts. It was a place that felt familiar, a place that felt like home.

When I woke, it was with a smile on my face. That is, until I saw the pile of rocks encasing me in the little cave and remembered the events of the night before. For a time, I waited, my heart beating like a drum as I listened for the moans from the night before. When I finally convinced myself to emerge from my hideout, the hill was empty. The monsters were gone.

I stretched and gave a reluctant sight of relief. Before night could fall again, I would have to find somewhere safe to sleep. Somewhere with light and fire.

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