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Silent City is a ghost story about Baltimore that started off as “Spirited Away” on the East Coast and evolved into something entirely different:

When bookish Anne Raskolnikov wakes to discover that Baltimore has been abandoned, she quietly takes it all in stride. Armed only with her journal and a box of cereal, she and her neighbor’s cat venture out to explore. However, they soon learn that something odd has happened to their hometown. The people have disappeared, the ravens and squirrels have learned to talk, and the buildings are haunted by all-consuming monsters. Stranger still, the ghosts and ravens are all looking for two things: a young girl with black hair and a red hoodie and a magical book hidden beneath the city streets.

Check out the campaign on Amazon! If you nominate and Amazon decides to publish it, you’ll receive a free digital copy. And if you don’t like it, well, that’s just your opinion dude! Link below:

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The Kindle Scout Campaign for Silent City Has Launched!

It’s been a long journey, starting the book as part of a NanoWriMo project years ago, to editing, to reediting, sending it around to people for comments, reediting, and submitting to places. I’m sure there are still some spots to improve, but I’ve had a great time writing this and I think it’s time to move on to other projects. That said, it’s got cats, ravens, Bromoseltzer Tower, and lots of references to random books inside, so what’s not to get? The story is set in Baltimore, with lots of references to local culture, so I’m hoping people from the area enjoy it, at least.

So what’s going on with it now? Basically, I’ve submitted the manuscript to Amazon via their “Kindle Scout” program. If it gets enough nominations, or the editors like it enough, or Amazon speaks to the elder gods deep beneath the Earth and they approve – then I get a contract, some cash, and free promotion in the kindle store.


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If you nominate the book and it wins, you get a free copy. If you nominate and it doesn’t win, you can either check it out on Amazon or I’ll send along a copy for free! If you want to nominate it and never read it because ebooks are lame, that makes sense too. If you’re thinking, “Who the hell is this guy and why should I nominate his book?” – OK, fair enough, I have no idea how you ended up here either.